AFDE's association with the International Graphonomics Society [IGS] provides a valuable resource for research. IGS and the members of IGS are internationally recognized in academia for valuable contributions to the knowledge of graphic behavior and motor control as it is applied to forensic science, biophysics, education, neuropsychology, experimental psychology, paleography, pattern recognition and other facets of handwriting and drawing. Conferences of AFDE and IGS were held concurrently in London, Ontario [Canada] in 1995 and in Scottsdale, AZ in 2003.
At the 2009 IGS Conference, AFDE first offered a $500 "Best Paper Award" for a student presentation in the area of Forensic Sciences as selected by an IGS review board. AFDE is pleased to announce that Best Student Paper Award has been renamed "The AFDE Bryan Found Research Award" in honor of Dr. Bryan Found (1962-2016), AFDE member, researcher and forensic scientist, and will be presented again at the 2017 IGS Conference.
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The AFDE "Best Student Paper Award" for a student paper in forensic sciences given at the 2015 International Graphonomics Society went to Angelika Garz for the paper "Features of Training- and Segmentation-Free Intuitive Writer Identification with Task-Adapted Interest Points" by Angelika Garz and Marcel Wrsch from the University of Fribourg, Switzerland. Details of this paper are available.
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AFDE is pleased to announce that it again presented the "Best Student Paper Award" for a student paper in forensic sciences given at the 2013 International Graphonomics Society (IGS) biennial conference. The winner was Muhammad Imran, M.A., for the paper, Man vs. Machine, a Comparative Analysis for Forensic Signature Verification, by Muhammad Imran Malik, Marcus Liwicki, Andreas Dengel and Bryan Found.
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The 2011 "Best Paper Award" went to Avni Pepe for his work on the paper, “A COGNITIVE LOOK INTO SIMULATIONS OF HIGH AND LOW COMPLEXITY SIGNATURES,” coauthored with Douglas K. Rogers and Jodi C. Sita - all from the Handwriting Analysis and Research Laboratory, School of Human Biosciences, La Trobe University.
Avni Pepe is a graduate student studying with Drs. Bryan Found and Doug Rogers. Here he receives his prize certificate from AFDE President, Emily Will.
- Photo by Patti Fisher
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AFDE President, Bonnie Schwid congratulates Emmanuelle Sciacca, who received the 2009 award as first author and presenter of THE RANGE OF HANDWRITING VARIABILITY UNDER DIFFERENT WRITING CONDITIONS by Emmanuelle Sciacca, Marie-Blanche Langlois-Peters, Jean-Claude Gilhodes, Pierre Margot, Jean-Luc Velay.